6 Ways Marijuana Seeds Can Be Used For Everyday Medicine

Hemp is one of the plants which comes under species name cannabis Sativa.It has seeds which make for an excellent source of nutrition. Research shows that marc emery seeds contain more than 30 per cent of healthy fats. Some of the fatty acids found in these seeds are linoleic acid and alpha-linoleic acid, which is considered to be plant-based-omega3. These seeds help you to benefit from the gamma-linoleic acid which helps in promoting the growth of cells and muscles. Some other nutrients found in the marc emery seeds are calcium, potassium,vitamin-E, phosphorous and zinc.

Below you read about how these marijuana seeds help in dealing with daily health problems:

  1. Insomnia, depression and anxiety

Marc emery seeds help in dealing with anxiety and depression. It helps relax the body as well as muscles. The seeds are used to control nervous, muscular spasms and mobility problems. Compounds in the seeds help in reducing the frequency of epileptic fits. Those who have difficulties in falling asleep can have benefited from using cannabis seeds. The seeds help in reducing the anxiety we experience just before sleeping, it helps the user to enjoy a deep and relaxing sleep.

  1. Heart health

Cannabis seeds contain several compounds which are good for a healthy heart. Amino acid arginine enhances the flow of blood in the body and maintains the optimal blood pressure. Nitric oxide is responsible for helping body muscle to relax and dilate blood vessel to allow for a free flow of blood.

  1. Digestion

Cannabis seeds are used to support digestive health. There are two types of fibre contains in the seeds are soluble and insoluble. Soluble fibre dissolves easily, a factor which slows down digestion and makes you feel full for longer. It can help you to deal with weight control. Insoluble fibre is incapable of dissolving, makes a great product for adding bulk to stool. The effect of this is that food moves seamlessly through the digestive tract and eliminated healthily.

  1. It helps to prevent cancer

Cannabis helps in the prevention of tumours and various forms of cancer. According to some studies, cannabis seeds helps in reducing the risk of developing colon and intestinal cancers. The medicinal properties of these seeds make it a great substance for relieving pain during chemotherapy. Cannabis seeds can have on the body, their medicine should be considered and used.

  1. Menopause and PMS symptoms

The gamma-linoleic acid helps in reducing the effects of a hormone known as prolactin. The hormone prolactin is associated with physical and emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menopause.

  1. Plant-based protein

High-quality animal sources are remarkable for proteins, cannabis seeds are the best option for vegetarians. Tablespoons two to three will supply you around 11 grams of proteins.