All You Need To Know About OG Kush Seeds

Getting Cannabis seeds in US has never been this easy with multiple online stores now making it available for you at your doorstep. This has opened the avenue for the users to a wide array of options to choose from when it comes to cannabis seeds. One such species of seed is the OG Kush, which is ideal for users who are looking for a stuff to get ultra-high or get relief from chronic pain.

To give you a better understanding of how the different characteristics of this species help you in different ways, here is a detailed analysis of this seed.

Medical Applications

Thanks to its high THC levels, it is one of the best species of cannabis seeds to get relief from pain, be it your migraine, muscle tension or a muscle pull. You can use it to heal your stress, depression or anxiety to a certain extent under medical supervision.

However, it does have its share of side effects as well which includes you experiencing a dry mouth or dry eyes. If you experience these side effects in a major way, you should go visit a doctor.

What is the aroma and flavour like?

The aroma of the OG Kush seeds for Sale has multiple variants as earthy, citrusy, woody and pine. You can choose from any of the variants as per your personal preference. When it comes to the flavour, you can get multiple variants here as well with Fuel, skunk, spice and lemon being the top flavours.

Chemical and physical characteristics

The OG Kush seeds for Sale come with a CBD range of 0-1% of the total content in the seed, which makes it ideal for human consumption. It has a strongly Indica based plant with only 30% of Sativa in it. The THC range for this species of seeds lies anywhere between 19%-26%, which is quite good if you have chronic pain. It is also helpful for people who are looking to get a better quality high from the seed’s consumption.

Growth trends

When it comes to growing the seeds indoor you get a yield of 453gms/sqm and the flowering time is usually anywhere between 55 to 65 days. However, when you grow it outside, make sure you give it a hot and tropical climate to grow with a harvest planned in October. You get a yield of 453gms per plant when you do this. It can be quite difficult to grow as it is prone to getting affected by wild moss or mildew. Therefore, you should try and use a dehumidifier to keep the plant’s environment under check.

You can now buy these seeds at an online store from anywhere in US.