Get Top Quality Seeds From An Online Seed Bank

When it comes to buying cannabis seeds in US, you do not have to worry about going to a local dispensary and looking for some stuff from there as you can now get it from an online store as well. With the online stores offering innumerable options, you can easily choose what you want from the whole bunch. Let us delve into how a seed bank online for weed seeds can be a better option than getting it from a local medical store.

Why get your cannabis seeds from an online source?

One of the biggest advantages of getting your stock of cannabis seeds from an online store is how you can choose from a variety of options. When it comes to an offline store, you always get to choose from a limited stock as possessing so much marijuana is hard for any store. However, with an online store, you can choose from literally thousands of varieties to choose the right cannabis seeds that suit your needs. Be it for a commercial agricultural purpose or for growing for your personal use for your backyard or just getting a small stash for medicinal purpose, you can get it all at an online store.

Another great point that favours the online portal is that you can get the product delivered anywhere you want, which is not the case with an offline store. It may not be necessary to get a dispensary near you that sells marijuana seeds.

Furthermore, another advantage of opting for a seed bank online for weed seeds is that you get the products at affordable prices as it often comes with discounts especially when you buy products in bulk.

What are the different varieties of seeds you get?

When it comes to the variety of cannabis seeds you can get from an online store, there are plenty of options.


Feminised seeds – These are biologically engineered cannabis seeds that give you just female plants to improve your yield. These are some of the best seeds if you are looking for commercial agricultural purpose as it hardly gives you a yield that cannot be used.


THC seeds – These seeds are the ones that come with a high THC content in it. These seeds should be consumed by you when you want a superior high or get relief from chronic pain. You can get THC seeds with THC content in it around 30-35%, which is much higher than the average cannabis seed.


Autoflower seeds – These seeds are ideal for small scale agriculture that might be for personal use or for your small group of friends. Since these seeds hardly take up any space, you can easily grow multiple seeds even in a small area.