Stolen moments before the day begins – Morning sex can be a lot of fun

Start your day with fireworks and a whole lot of love.

You open your eyes after a night of sleep, and you see your partner still in slumber. You smile and move closer to them, putting an arm under their sheets to cuddle them. Soon, you’re kissing them as they wake up slowly, and pretty soon, the two of you are going at it first thing in the morning.

Morning sex is fantastic, isn’t it?

Why have morning sex?

The human body responds well to activity after a period of deep rest. Your internal systems are raring to go, and your brain is preparing to rev up the moment your eyes open. You’ve just finished sleeping, your body is relaxed and you have a whole new day to look forward to.

Contrast your mood in the morning to that of the previous night, when you probably got home late from work, your partner was already asleep by the time you finished dinner, and you were still stressed out when you fell asleep. But in the morning, you feel like a different person. Men report feeling extra frisky in the morning, especially because they experience an erection in the early hours of the dawn. The day has just begun, and it is full of endless possibilities…

So, what can you do moments after you and your partner have woken up? Instead of bounding out of bed, make some time for love. Reach out for your partner and get some action going!

Why morning sex is a great idea

  • You’re both still in bed, which is warm and inviting. You don’t need to set aside a time or even set the mood.
  • An orgasm can relax the body and calm the nerves, and it sets the tone for the rest of the morning.
  • You’re not tired in the morning, so both of you are open to the idea of having sex before you get on with the day.
  • It is a special feeling to be intimate with your partner in the early hours, when you’ve just woken up and the house is still quiet. It helps you bond in unspoken ways, and the sex can be really sweet and tender.
  • It shows your partner that you value your sexual relationship with them. So even if you cannot make the time for sex at night, the fact that you prioritise it for the morning makes them feel special.
  • Sex has the potential to improve your mood, relax your anxiety and increase your confidence. It also helps you burn a few calories and activate your major muscles. So apart from the emotional benefits, there are physical benefits of having morning sex.