Hair Fall and Cannabis: Some Marijuana Strains For Hair Fall

Hair fall is the common problem that people are experiencing day by day, because of many reasons behind it. Unhealthy lifestyle, diet conditions, and stress are some of the reasons that are behind the hair fall problems. Marijuana is the incredible plant that is grown for all its medicinal properties in treating various medical ailments. Cannabis is used in various ways to fight against various health issues. People who are adhering to the cannabis community can better understand how the medical cannabis id getting very popular these days.

Symptoms of Hair Fall

When we talk about the hair fall then it’s not like that people have fewer hairs on their head, hair fall appears in a variety of ways. It can be temporary and permanent. Here we are having some of the hair fall signs and symptoms.

  • Bald patches on the scalp, beard or eyebrows are the common sign of the hair fall. Before the hair fall, the skin becomes flaky and the hair starts falling off.
  • Loose hairs are the symptom that is commonly due to physical or emotional shock and hand full of hairs can be seen in the comb or while washing.
  • Hair thinning that we can see in both the genders. In men, the thinning receding from the forehead and goes in “M” like a letter. In women, this can be seen on the forehead and space between the hairs becomes more.

Strains of marijuana or the cannabis plant that you can use in the hair fall problem and experience positive results.

  • Critical Mass– Here the CBD level can be found low that is 5%and THC level up to 22 %. This is the Indica hybrid is a cross between the well-known skunk and afghan strains. It is the perfect lazy afternoon strain.
  • Corazon– Newly introduced marijuana strain where the THC level is 2.71 % and the CBD is 22.5%. The CBD level is considered as the highest content in history. Newly strain Corazon can be the love of all the people suffering f5rom the hair fall.
  • Valentine X– It is considered as one of the most powerful pain relievers around and is very fast acting and you can feel it acting as the magic on your problem. Having 18 % of the CBD content but the THC level is very tiny. This is the strain with the 50:50 ratio hybrids and helps in soothing the pain and inflammation.
  • Ringo’s Gift-This is the strain that after using one feel sociable and it doesn’t lock you to your couch. Earthy flavor makes it favorite of everyone. Here the THC level is 1% and the CBD level is 20%.

These are four strains of the medical marijuana that works on the hair fall and besides this one should always take care of the lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle and diet with exercise make the body healthy and fit to fight against such problems.