How Technology Is Helping Seniors Age In Place

So much has happened in the past few decades to advance the health and well-being of seniors. New technology has made it possible for seniors to live longer, healthier lives and to thrive despite transportation limitations and disability. When it comes to home care services and aging in place, however, technology has played an even more vital role. Aging in place isn’t a new concept. In fact, it used to be the norm. In recent years, many adult children of seniors have opted for more care-intensive options such as assisted living for their parents. But with so many advances in technology creating more and better access to the outside world, seniors don’t need to look toward the nursing home or assisted living facility for support anymore. Between using an app to find in-home care, licensed nurses, or community helpers to make seniors’ lives easier, and health-related tech that makes dealing with doctor visits and pharmacies more practical, tech is a huge part of how seniors get along on their own. Here are just a few ways in which technology is creating a better life for seniors aging in place.

Security and Monitoring

If you remember the famous “help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” commercial of the 80s and 90s, you’re probably already aware of how far we’ve come in terms of emergency help for seniors. While it used to be much more difficult to be notified of emergencies and health issues, both as a concerned relative and an emergency medical service, today seniors are able to reach out for help at the press of a button or with a single spoken command. Thanks to iPhone technology as well as advanced security system technology, we’ve gotten to a place where seniors don’t have to worry about experiencing a dangerous fall in their home and being unable to reach the phone. Seniors who live at home have greater independence without having to live in fear of having an accident. Motion sensors, cameras, and other monitoring technology can also be helpful for adult children of seniors who want to check in on their parents and stay in the know.

Health and Wellness

Health is a huge concern for seniors living at home. While it used to be that seniors would have to depend on others to get to weekly doctors appointments or fill their meds, it’s now easier than ever to connect with a licensed practitioner via FaceTime, Skype, or another medical service that exists to help get seniors seen on a regular basis without having to deal with limited transportation options. There are also far more services available that deliver prescriptions to your door without your having to find a nearby pharmacy. This is especially helpful for seniors living in a more isolated area with limited access to urban centers. It’s also easier than ever to hire an in-home carer, be it a nurse practitioner or community helper, to come to a senior’s door to help out with basic chores and health concerns.


Having a disability once meant that you’d have to spend your entire life living with relatives or living in an assisted living facility. Today, seniors who have disabilities or are having a bit more difficulty getting around in their own home can install the latest tech to make home navigation that much easier. From voice-assisted technology to apps that help you create a more senior-friendly space in your own home, it’s incredibly simple to turn a regular home into a full-access living space without spending a fortune.

Food and Exercise

In the past few years, new technology has centered around delivery and access for people who want food delivered, or simply want to count on consistent access to meals without having to cook. For seniors, this is more helpful than ever. Whether a senior can’t cook for themselves or simply doesn’t have access to groceries and markets, it’s helpful to be able to contact a delivery service and schedule a meal drop-off without any issues. Meals on wheels and similar services are more connected than ever to the people who depend on their services most: Seniors who are living at home and don’t have a lot of tra£ q4nsportation options.

Community Outreach

Seniors have always benefited from community helpers stopping by to lend a hand. In the past, however, it wasn’t always the easiest thing to set up an appointment with someone in the neighborhood. Today, it’s simple: So many helpers and good Samaritans are able to link up with seniors in the neighborhood who need help around the house, help getting somewhere, or simply want a bit of company.