How to get your child to wear an air mask

Children can get fidgety with an air mask on. Here’s how you get them to wear one.

It’s an old problem, and it’s not going away soon. Try to force a child to do something, or expect them to do it ‘because you said so’ and they are most likely to rebel. But explain the same thing respectfully, and they are much more open to taking your suggestions on board.

The same applies to wearing an air purifier mask. If you are worried about your child refusing to wear one, follow these steps:

* Explain about air pollution.We give children less credit than they deserve – explain a concept simply and on their terms, and any child is sure to understand it and remember it for the future. Similarly, if you take the time to explain what air pollution is and how it is harmful, they will begin to grasp the gravity of the situation. Show them video clips about rising air pollution in the city – children are quick to learn with visual aids. Then introduce the concept of air purifier masks and why the child must wear one every time they are out of doors.

* Demonstrate how you wear the mask.If you have a good quality air mask that you use yourself, you should get a similar one for your child. But first, demonstrate how you use your mask. Explain the various components of the air purifier mask: the mask itself, how it is worn on the face, how the straps are adjusted, what the micro fan in the mask does. Explain to your child that you wear the mask every time you go outside the house, and that you keep it on for at least 3 to 4 hours at a time on a long commute. They will have a lot of questions – answer each one patiently till they are curious enough to try the mask themselves.

* Buy a small size air purifier mask for them. Now that your child is amenable to wearing an air purifier mask, you can order one for them online. Small size masks are manufactured by leading brands, designed to fit your child’s little face. Once the mask arrives, open the package in front of your child and have them try the mask on for themselves. They will soon understand how to wear it so that the face is snugly covered. You should periodically charge the micro fan so that it works efficiently with every use.

* Always let them go out of doors with the mask on. Every time your child leaves the house for school, extra classes or for play, do insist on them wearing the air purifier mask every time. Even if they argue that they’re going out for just a few minutes, make sure that the mask is on. Soon, they will get into the habit of wearing the mask without being reminded to do so.