Martin Lloyd Sanders- An Insight into The Essential Public Health Services in America

Public health services are an important field for every nation and the USA is no exception. This field requires dedication and commitment to monitor the health issues that plague the community. Everyone associated with this field needs to investigate the common problems and hazards that pertain to health in the community. It is the primary responsibility of all those working in this department to inform, empower and educate people in the community about health issues and challenges that plague the community at large. There is another threat to public health called biothreats. This threat needs to arrested and curbed as well. Here, developments in the field of biotechnology are the need of the day.

Martin Lloyd Sanders-what are the essential public health services in the nation

Capt Martin Lloyd Sanders in the past was the Chief Scientist Officer at The United States Public Health Service or USPHS. He says that when it comes to public health services it is crucial to identify health issues and resolve them as soon as possible. The nation should enforce regulations and laws that are targeted to protect health and safeguard the population from outbreaks of disease. He says the workforce in the field should be competent to tackle the challenges the society faces when it comes to general healthcare and the well-being of the population.

Quality of healthcare

CAPT Martin Lloyd further emphasizes that the quality of healthcare should improve in all the states of the USA. Special focus should be given to senior citizens, women and children. He is recognized for his sincere efforts to curb biothreats to the nation and he is a supporter of biosecurity across the globe. He was a supporter of counter-proliferation efforts under the Office of Global Health Affairs. He was their technical officer for diverse projects in the field of biotechnology. He attended many international conferences in Moscow on the subject of bio-safety and security. He had been their keynote speaker in the years 2005 to 2006.

He was a member of The Senior Advisory Panel at The International Council for The Life Sciences or LCLS. He supervised the development of infrastructure in The Middle East and former Soviet Union. He was awarded several decorations for this role. In additional to the above roles, he was associated as Chair for The Scientist Professional Advisory Committee, PAC Chair Board and The Chief Professional Officers Board. He was awarded with the Derek Dunn Memorial Senior Scientist of the Year in 2007.

Martin Lloyd Sanders is an inspiring role model and leader in the field of public health services in USA. He is known for his efforts to improve the quality of healthcare in the nation and focus on bio security for USA. He has been an extraordinary leader in his field and is a mentor to thousands who wish to be a part of public health services in the nation. He says that if you enjoy the field of science and research, the field of public health services is the ideal area of employment for you. The career options are lucrative and the job satisfaction rewarding!