Test your mental health condition based on your dream?

Test Guide:

The great psychologist Freud believed that dreams are a reflection of reality. What kind of dreams you have is what you have in mind.Is your mind healthy? Take a look at the test below. (Each answer has a corresponding guide to the next question, please continue to the next question directed at the end of your answer)

Begin the Test:

  • Do you remember the dream you had in the last week?
  1. Yes (continue to question 2)
  2. No (continue to question 3)
  • The things in your dreams are real?
  1. Yes (continue to question 4)
  2. No (continue to question 5)
  • A person you’ve never met suddenly appears in your dream?
  1. Yes (continue to question 5)
  2. No (continue to question 6)
  • You’ve been dreaming about something so sad that you wake up with tears on your face?
  1. Yes (continue to question 7)
  2. No (continue to question 8)
  • You’ve been laughing or sleepwalking in your dreams, but you don’t know when you wake up?
  1. Yes (continue to question 8)
  2. No (continue to question 9)
  • You usually sleep through the night?
  1. Yes (continue to question 9)
  2. No (continue to question 10)
  • You sometimes know you’re dreaming, but you can’t get out of your dreams
  1. Yes (continue to Type A)
  2. No (continue to Type B)
  • You’ve dreamed of your late relatives or friends?
  1. Yes (continue to Type A)
  2. No (continue to Type C)
  • Sometimes you have a continuous dream?
  1. Yes (continue to Type A)
  2. No (continue to Type C)
  • Sometimes you dream a lot, but when you wake up you can’t remember what it is?
  1. Yes (continue to Type C)
  2. No (continue to Type D)

Test Result:

Type A:        You are thoughtful, and you usually do what you are interested in. You’re a little desperate. Your mind is under a lot of pressure, even in your sleep. While you sleep, your limbs and body are resting, but your mind is still working.Your dreams are related to reality, too, because they are too stressful, so you have insomnia and low quality of sleep. You must learn to adjust your mental condition..

Type B:        You’re smart and competent. You don’t give up, and you have a high demand for yourself, which keeps you busy and constantly working, and your physical and mental health is on the verge of collapse. It is recommended that you stop part of your work and allow yourself a good rest. Adjust your state.

Type C:        Your physical and mental state is balanced.You sleep well and occasionally dream. You know when to play, when to work, and to know how to work. However, you have a slight problem in your mind, which is to face some obstacles in reality, you can’t always be right, always want to escape.

Type D:        Your mental health is in good condition. You have a big personality. There’s nothing to worry about. It’s easy to fall asleep and sleep well, so you’re in a good mood.